The Amazing Features of Airstream Trailers

Ever since Wally Byam built the first Airstream trailer in 1929 on a model T chassis, campers have been falling in love with the Silver Bullet. While the newest Airstream trailers have modern stylish interiors and are built to withstand punishment, one has to look back in history to understand what makes the Airstream trailer so loved.

There are many different factors helping to set Airstream travel trailers apart from the other travel trailers. They continue to be made from all-aluminium parts making them extremely durable. These trailers come in a variety of sizes with some being light enough for an SUV to pull them. While their exteriors still have many of the beautiful original exterior design elements, new Airstream trailers have modern stylish interiors. See the newest units for yourself by visiting Vogt RV.

1935 Airstream Torpedo

One of the lightest Airstreams ever built was the 1935 Airstream Torpedo. At least one of these trailers still exists today proving how durable the company made their products from the beginning. This was also one of the lightest trailers ever built by the company. If you are looking for a new lightweight travel trailer, then be sure to consider the Basecamp model that can easily be towed with an SUV.

1938 Airstream Clipper

The first aluminum Airstream trailer was built by Wally Byam in 1938. Before he created the design, he consulted William Hawley Bowlus who drew inspiration for the trailer from his work designing Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis airplane. He especially designed the trailer so that it was easy to pull. Campers still enjoy easily pulling all-aluminum Airstreams today. Just like the first one built by Byam, they effortlessly slip through space.

1961 Airstream Bambi

Airstream built the very first Bambi trailer in 1961, and Americans instantly fell in love with it. The trailer’s small footprint made the unit exceedingly easy to pull. Yet, the feature loaded interior was adored by families. Those two things are still true today when families consider buying the Airstream Basecamp, Sport and Flying Cloud.

1969 Airstream Quarantine

When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was preparing to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, they contacted Airstream to build a special camper for the men to live in when they returned to earth. Each succeeding trip to the moon saw astronauts live in Airstream trailers when they returned to earth. Starting in 1984, each shuttle crew has ridden in the comfort of an Airstream vehicle on their way to takeoff.

2007 Airstream Cheney

When Vice President Dick Cheney visited Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kabul and Islamabad, he did it in an Airstream trailer. The government belted down a luxurious trailer inside a military cargo plane for his travels. Additionally, Defense Secretaries Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel have both used Airstream trailers while traveling. Now, you may choose a different location, but you can be part of the exclusive club owning Airstream trailers. There are even campgrounds where no other trailer is allowed.