The Amazing Features of Airstream Trailers

Ever since Wally Byam built the first Airstream trailer in 1929 on a model T chassis, campers have been falling in love with the Silver Bullet. While the newest Airstream trailers have modern stylish interiors and are built to withstand punishment, one has to look back in history to understand what makes the Airstream trailer so loved.

There are many different factors helping to set Airstream travel trailers apart from the other travel trailers. They continue to be made from all-aluminium parts making them extremely durable. These trailers come in a variety of sizes with some being light enough for an SUV to pull them. While their exteriors still have many of the beautiful original exterior design elements, new Airstream trailers have modern stylish interiors. See the newest units for yourself by visiting Vogt RV.

1935 Airstream Torpedo

One of the lightest Airstreams ever built was the 1935 Airstream Torpedo. At least one of these trailers still exists today proving how durable the company made their products from the beginning. This was also one of the lightest trailers ever built by the company. If you are looking for a new lightweight travel trailer, then be sure to consider the Basecamp model that can easily be towed with an SUV.… Travel More

A Different Nirvana: Four Destinations Untouched

Yes, there are many beautiful places in the world. Each more picturesque than the other. Scenic beaches, snow-mantled mountains, blue waters, unending valleys—but each touristy, peppered with brick hotels, straw cafes, plastic chairs, and excited humans. Need a more quiet, real and raw getaway? Want to get in touch with your inner self (whatever that is, if we actually have one)? Can be a leeetle adventurous? Try these.

Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

At the end of the world – Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is what you will encounter if you go to Gran Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. Located in southwest Bolivia, it is covered with almost ten square kilometres of salt crust which lends it its famous flatness responsible for the optical illusions. The white flat is as arid as a desert and as white as a snow glacier. The eye can look as far as it can see. Go there for a respite for the eyes tired of looking at things, people, colour. And yes, you do have hotels there, offering a simple quaint ambience. Nothingness is what describes this place.

Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

Lonely at the top – Pulpit Rock, Norway

Pulpit Rock is a huge monolithic … Travel More